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Clint Brewer

Hello to all who proudly became Mountaineers, attended and graduated from East High School from 1952 until 1968, and remain true to the Blue and Gray. Upon my return to Knoxville after forty-six years in Middle Tennessee, I discovered that the city has changed dramatically. Thankfully, I was greeted by friends and acquaintances as though I had never been away. For sure, my heart had never left. To then be considered for a leadership role in KEHSAA was a complete surprise.

Those who served before me, who have given so much of their time, talents, wisdom and guidance, deserve our appreciation and continued commitment. I accept the trust you have shown and will give my all to carry the mission forward. I am asking for your ideas and hope we can all move toward common goals in our cooperative venture so that we can together revel in the school’s rich history, creating a future of love, laughter, respect and support for our East High School sisters and brothers. Thanks, Mountaineers, one and all.

— Clint Brewer, President, Class of ’63


The slate of officers nominated for 2017-2018 were elected by acclamation at the January board meeting.

The other officers are:

Vice President: Loretta Smith Crowder, Class of ’62

Recording Secretary: Helen Heap Mills, Class of ’55

Assistant Recording Secretary: Jane Moulton Ray, Class of ’58

Corresponding Secretary: Sylvia Moulton Sproul, Class of ’55

Treasurer: Jack Sherrod, Class of ’63

Assistant Treasurer: Carolyn Ellis Cottrell, Class of ’53


Appointed to the 2017-2018 Board

Benevolence: Tommy Green, Class of ’60

Legal Counsel: Larry Leibowitz, Class of ’63

Liaison to the Board: Gail Mynatt Ingram, Class of ’62

Education: Margie Humphrey LeCoultre, Class of ’55

Sergeant of Arms: Vincent Kanipe, Class of ’63

Public Relations: David Lawson, Class of ’60

Communications: Chris Wohlwend, Class of ’63

Ways and Means: Joe P. Atkins, Class of ’62



On behalf of the executive board and the board of directors and the membership of the Knoxville East High School Alumni Association, congratulations to the 2017 inductees into the KEHSAA Hall of Fame.

The honorees are:

Alfred Billips, class of 1955

Bob Bostick, class of 1954

Sue Meador Campbell, class of 1956

Carolyn Ellis Cottrell, class of 1953

John Foster, class of 1967 (posthumous)

Richard Hillard, class of 1963

Carey F. McWilliams, class of 1955

James M. (Jay) Nelson, class of 1963

Sherry Wright Nelson, class of 1963

Zafer Roback, class of 1958


— Clint Brewer, president, class of 1963


Make your plans now to join your friends as they are honored by their classmates, friends and family Saturday, August 5.




Saturday, August 5, 2017

Noon until 3 p.m


The Lighthouse Event Center

6800 Baum Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919

Send your check, made out to KEHSAA, to KEHSAA, Box 51763, Knoxville, TN 37950-1763

Make your plans now

$50.00 per person






I was very honored and proud to have been elected into our East High School Hall of Fame and I assume that you were also. I am writing to you today to encourage you to become more active in our East High School Alumni Association (KEHSAA).

KEHSAA was founded in 2010 and has allowed us to renew old friendships and relive old memories. KEHSAA does many good works such as 1) trying to find every individual who ever attended EHS, 2) sending our classmate news and photographs via our quarterly Blue and Grey newspaper and our website,, 3) awarding several scholarships, 4) donating to the Smoky Strong Relief Fund through the Dollywood Foundation, 5) remembering our Hall of Honor Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice, and 6) inducting and celebrating Hall of Fame recipients.

Some of us have only attended our annual KEHSAA Banquet and Celebration when we were inducted. Some of our honored group have not even joined our own Alumni Association.

Remembering our wonderful days at EHS and appreciating the great start our alma mater gave to our lives should encourage us to join and support our Alumni Association. As you would imagine, there are expenses associated with maintaining KEHSAA. Your $ 25 annual dues will help our Ole’ Alma Mater to continue bringing you news of our school, classmates, and memories.

You are cordially invited to our next Hall of Fame Banquet and Celebration this coming August 5 at The Lighthouse Restaurant (6800 Baum Drive, Knoxville).

There you can visit with friends (old and new) and be able to thank those who honored us with this unique membership.

Thank you ahead of time for your consideration and generosity.

David Lawson – EHS Class of 1960



Kay and Larry Leibowitz

The class of 1963’s Larry Leibowitz opened the Day of Remembrance  of the Tennessee State Holocaust Commission, Tuesday, March 7 in the State Capitol’s House Chamber. This year’s theme is Generations of Memory: Heading the Call to Action. Addressed were the work that Tennessee’s students are doing to combat human rights violations and build awareness of current genocide in the world.

During the ceremony, the winners and finalists for the Betz-Lipman Holocaust Educator of the Year Award were recognized for their outstanding work in the field of Holocaust education. Gov. Bill Haslem, Speaker Beth Harwell, Sen. Becky Massey and Rep. Roger Kane, along with several other members of the legislature, provided personal reflections on the day. Gov. Haslem praised Leibowitz for his work in assuring the ongoing viability of the commission. Under  Leibowitz’s leadership, the organization’s reach has expanded throughout the state.

This school year the commission hosted more than 300 speaking engagements and professional development workshops reaching more than 4,000 educators, 80,000 students, and 11,000 community members in 15 colleges and universities, 60 public-school districts, and 60 private schools. “Remembrance obligates us not only to memorialize those that were killed but also to reflect on what could have been done to save them,” Leibowitz said. “The antidote for anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry is education and by working together, we can fulfill the promise of ‘Never Again’.”



Though the website of the Knoxville East High School Alumni Association is still a work in progress, we are happy to be here. In addition to sparking the wonderful memories that we cherish and want to preserve, we are dedicated to communicating, enjoying each other’s friendship, and supporting efforts to keep the spirit of our school alive.

We are hopeful that you will relish revisiting those memories and will be willing to share events that have woven the fabric of our lives since those unique and special years that were “East High School”.

One of our goals is to honor distinguished EHS alumni with a Hall of Fame. The initial class was inducted in 2012, and we have added additional alumni each year since.



  Sara B. O’Mera  1952

Kyle “Buddy” Cruze  1952

Dr. Lucy Scroggle (posthumous)  1953

Phyllis B. Severance  1957

Jerry “Ace” Miller  1957

Charles “Bud” Lobetti  1957

Bobby Denton  1959

Bill Denton  1959

Sam Furrow  1959

Carolyn W. Shorter  1959

Richard “Andy” Rader (posthumous)  1960

Dr. Herman Saatkamp  1960

Arnold Schwartzbart  1960

“Edd” Poore  1962

Dr. Grazia “Pucci” DiDonato  1965

Sandra Mitchell Woods  1966




Bill Craig  1952

Frank Hall  1953

Dr. Margie H. LeCoultre  1955

Col. Robert Pickle  1955

Dr. William “Bill” Williford  1955

Frank Flynn Jr. (posthumous)  1956

Elvin Henry  1957

Rich Ray  1958

Dr. Ted Shelton  1959

Joe P. Atkins  1962

Lt. Col. Lorry Ruth  1962

Dr. Mary Lou S. Kanipe  1962

Col. (R) Henry C. Ruth III  1966

Thomas Moultry  1967




Charles Leon Dodson (posthumous)   1953

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Whicker   1953

Dr. Robert R. “Bob” Small   1954

John W. “J.W.” Bailey   1956

Gay Walter Valentine   1956

Colonel Donald “Don” Martin   1957

Billie Ray Cannon Demont (posthumous)  1959

William Kinser Ellenburg   1960

Roger Henry   1960

David Lawson   1960

William “Bill” Black   1962

Dr. Michael R. Carpenter  1966

Sgt. Maj. David R. Hatfield  1966




Clyde Richard “Dick” Bales  1954

Carlo Harris  1955

Rosa Maria DeRobertis Faulkner  1955

Shirley Ford Monte (posthumous)  1956

Dr. Robert Simerly  1957

James “Jim” Burton Ford  1960

James “Jim” Martin Atkins  1962

  Randolph “Rand” Phillip Bradford  1963

Randall “Randy” Harvey Schwartz  1963

Christopher “Chris” Wohlwend  1963

Teddy “Ted” Weaver Land  1964

Anthony “Tony” Conrad Evans (posthumous) 1966




Yvonne Coleman Lowrie  1954

Ben Dillard  1955

Steve Lockett (posthumous)  1956

Phyllis Clem Baer  1956

Dr. Harold C. Warner Jr.  1957

William Larry Ventis  1960

Frederick J. Mynatt Jr.  1960

Darris K. Doyal  1961

Larry Leibowitz  1963

Dwight Smith  1966






What a wonderful evening it was. There was an abundance of MOUNTAINEER SPIRIT going around. The 3rd KEHSAA Hall of Fame Award Celebration was held last evening at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Site. There were approximately 150 people in attendance. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was great. There were tears and there was laughter and so much friendship going around!

This year’s winners were Charles Dodson (posthumous – 1953), Dr. Lawrence Whicker (1953), Dr. Bob Small (1954), J. W. Bailey (1956), Col. Donald Martin (1957), Billie Ray Cannon DeMont (posthumous 1959), Kinser Ellenburg (1960), Roger Henry (1960), David Lawson (1960), Bill Black (1962), Michael Carpenter (1966), and Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield (retired), (1966). How’s that for a classy group of Mountaineers? We are so proud of the successes that have come from our little school in East Knoxville. Who would’ve thought?

There was also a new award added – the Coach Bob LeSueur Track & Field Award. This award went to Mickey Shelton. Coach LeSueur seemed particularly pleased with this and Mickey was a gracious and appreciative winner.

Our scholarship award winners were also recognized. They are Lannette Harris, Dontae Johnson, and Devante Mack.

After the awards we had a time of karaoke, dancing and fellowship until we all had to go home. Beautiful ending to a beautiful evening.


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