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The website for the Knoxville East High School Alumni Association is officially open. Although it has been long in coming and is still a work in progress, we are happy to be here! In addition to the wonderful memories that we cherish and want to preserve are the elements to communicating, enjoying each other’s friendship, supporting efforts to keep the spirit of our school alive.

We are hopeful that you will relish revisiting those memories and will be willing to share events that have woven the fabric of our lives since those unique and special years that were “East High School”.



Charles Leon Dodson (Posthumous)   1953

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Whicker   1953

Dr. Robert R. (Bob) Small   1954

John W. (J.W.) Bailey   1956

Gay Walter Valentine   1956

Colonel Donald (Don) Martin   1957

Billie Ray Cannon (Posthumous)   1959

William Kinser Ellenburg   1960

Roger Henry   1960

David Lawson   1960

Bill Black   1962

Sergeant Major David R. Hatfield   1966

Dr. Michael R. Carpenter   1966




What a wonderful evening it was. There was an abundance of MOUNTAINEER SPIRIT going around. The 3rd KEHSAA Hall of Fame Award Celebration was held last evening at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Site. There were approximately 150 people in attendance. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was great. There were tears and there was laughter and so much friendship going around!

This year’s winners were Charles Dodson (posthumous – 1953), Dr. Lawrence Whicker (1953), Dr. Bob Small (1954), J. W. Bailey (1956), Col. Donald Martin (1957), Billie Ray Cannon DeMont (posthumous 1959), Kinser Ellenburg (1960), Roger Henry (1960), David Lawson (1960), Bill Black (1962), Michael Carpenter (1966), and Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield (retired), (1966). How’s that for a classy group of Mountaineers? We are so proud of the successes that have come from our little school in East Knoxville. Who would’ve thought?

There was also a new award added – the Coach Bob LeSueur Track & Field Award. This award went to Mickey Shelton. Coach LeSueur seemed very pleased with this and Mickey was a very gracious and appreciative winner.

Our Scholarship award winners were also recognized. They are Lannette Harris, Dontae Johnson, and Devante Mack.

After the awards we had a time of karaoke, dancing and fellowship until we all had to go home. Beautiful ending to a beautiful evening.


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Knoxville East High School Alumni Association

P.O. Box 51763

Knoxville, TN 37950-1763


P.O. Box 51763

Knoxville, TN 37950-1763

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