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 Sadly we have discovered that many of our
classmates and friends have passed away.

This page is in honor and memory of those that are no longer
with us from the Class of 1953.

Please contact us if you have anyone to add.



Baldwin Brown, Patsy

Curtis Yarnell, Naomi

Davis, Ralph (January 14, 2013)

Deck Breeden, Mary Nell (January 12, 2014)

Dow Kastory, Dana

Essary, Samuell

Ezell, John W.

Floyd, Lewis   11-29-10

Fralix, Ralph,    5-9-2008

Frye Franz, Phyllis

Hall, Frank D. (Frankie)   10-1-2005

Hamilton, V. E.   12-2009

Hamilton, William L.(Bill)

Harrison, Gordon

Hicks, Paul (May 2010)

Hill, George C.

Hill, Shirley

Horner, Bill   (probably 2008 or 2009)

Hutchison Radford , Lois

Irwin, Wilma

Jollay, Barbara

Keys, Nancy Markley (2-26-2007)

King, Mary Helen  (4-7-07)

Tevya Kuperstock Baker (3-2-12)

Lobetti, Nancy

Lockhart, Rugal

Loveday, Raymond

McSpadden, Carol

Nelson, Harvey (8-17-08)

Noe, Gordon A. (Sammy)   (May or June 2011)

Prince, Jack

Reece, Julia

Richards, Joanna

Russell, Ina Jean Cutshaw (7-7-07)

Scroggie, Lucy   (11-24-2007)

Selby, Patsy

Sherrod Caywood, Elizabeth (5-10-2008)

Smelcer Phipps, Peggy

Joe Spruiell (2-17-14)

Tampas, George (3-24-12)

Vaughan, Jerry

Whitmire, Cecil (8-22-2010)

Wilson Mainous, Carolyn

Winchester, Melvin   (12-29-2007)

Witt , Albert Lynn  (12-4-2009)

Wolfenbarger, Eddie

Wright, Lester


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